Project Notes "Version 1.1 For Project Box" 1.1
Version 1.1 For Project Box 1.1
  • Fixed Recent Time page error
  • Login Page Smartened up
  • Login now required by default.
  • Improved Design Of Notifications
  • Implemented Project Categories
  • Admin Add Project Category/Edit Project Category
  • Project Edit Category in Edit Project
  • Fixed Tags Issue With Tasks
  • Implemented Project Search for Users
  • Updated to latest Bootstrap version
  • Improved Homepage Interface
  • Brand New Project Dashboard Interface
  • All Project pages interfaces have been given a makeover
  • New Tasks Page shows Tasks you have been assigned to
  • Tasks Page now has an Uncompleted Tasks tab which shows all uncompleted tasks apart from Cancelled Status
  • Improved Tasks View Interface
  • Can now upload file directly from Task Page (it's automatically assigned to the task too)
  • File Manager now shows File Size
  • File Manager now allows you to sort files by File Name, Size, Uploader and Category
  • Added Project Funds section that allows you to sync it up to the Accounting Page
  • Project Icons updated
  • NEW Pay Plans allow you to charge users to make Projects (micro-transactions)
  • Users have funds that they can add to by Paying via PayPal. The funds are automatically updated to the User's account. No manual activation needed.
  • Can create your own plans with your own price points and amount of days for each project to use (can be unlimited days) in Admin Panel.
  • Payment Log in Admin Panel.
  • Once time has expired on a Project, user can easily add more time to the Project to re-activate it. Project's that run out of time become inaccessible.
  • Can disable Pay Plans if you have no wish to use this.
  • Improved Table Design
  • Tasks now ordered by due date
  • Bootstrap Icons for Sidebar
  • Retina Display ProjectBox Logo
  • Fixed Issues with Scripts not returning correct URLs when not using .htaccess rules

Posted on 23/05/2016 | Posted by Admin | Project: Project Box

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